Glazier and locksmith, do you know the benefits of the Trombe wall?

In times of minimum temperatures across the country, as in: Porto Alegre-RS (6°), Curitiba-PR (0°) and Florianópolis-SC (10°), many people think about comfort allied to being as cold as possible and how As a glazier and locksmith, you are well aware that glass and other civil construction solutions are allies of final consumers , when choosing a glass wall art

Among these solutions is the Trombe wall, which is an option to promote thermal comfort. The standard Trombe wall comprises a glass panel approximately 2 to 5 centimeters of a dark masonry wall 10 to 41 centimeters thick, usually made of brick, stone or concrete.

Its thermal comfort is provided due to solar radiation absorbed by the glass located outside the premises. Heat can pass uninhibited by the temperature of the house in a process that takes 8 to 10 hours on a 20 cm wall, that is, the wall absorbs it during the day and slowly re-emits it at night, reducing the need for conventional heating. For best energy gain, the side of the wall is usually facing the Equator.

Variations such as the Vented Trombe or the “Drum Wall” are also alternatives in these installations. Among the installation options are offices, shops or other places that are busy during the day.

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